Site of the seven wounds

God Hand screen (2).jpg

Not exactly, but a parody of “Fist of the North Star” is what I keep thinking of whenever I see pics and trailers about “God Hand,” Capcom’s newest beat-em-down game that’s emerging on the PS2.

Capcom announced the launch of the Web site today, loaded with screenshots, character bios and other sorts of goodies. I first heard about the game over vacation, when I saw some stuff on GameTrailers — especially some of the machinegun punching and someone getting batted into the stratosphere (complete with the “star twinkle” effect at the end). There’s also a move called the “ball buster” which really doesn’t need much explaining.

You play someone who posseses a “God Hand,” a glove-like weapon that essentially gives the user godlike power and the ability to lay down some righteous smack. The game is made by Clover Studios, which is the same house that brought us “Okami.”

It’s actaully shaping up to be a pretty solid few months for Capcom — “Dead Rising,” “Okami,” “God Hand” and “Lost Planet,” which is another title that holds a lot of promise. And with “DMC 4″ gaining buzz — Capcom’s looking clutch.