Tony Montana is in my house


Picked up my copy of “Scarface: The World Is Yours,” a game that I felt a lot of people want to instantly categorize as a GTA ripoff. My view is this — as long as a game rips off the right stuff and/or does some of the same stuff better, I’m not going to be too quick to judge.

I’m going to try and see how the “kingpin” lifestyle dynamic plays out — I can allegedly hire henchmen and assassins to take care of loose ends, as opposed to simply riding in a car with a group of randomly recruited thugs. Plus, I get to check out virtual Miami.

And I will admit — controlling Tony Montana can be a plus, since he really is a one-of-a-kind character who helped reshape the contemporary gangster kingpin image.

We’ll see. Games like this get hurt by stuff dealing with execution — animation, controls, collision detection, flow — if there are too many nasty quirks, like with “Just Cause,” this game could be toast.