Out with ‘Scarface’, in with ‘God Hand’

It’s so on. I finally got my copy of Capcom’s kooky smashmouth opus today, practically within minutes of filing the “Scarface” review for LANG’s disgestion. My quick take on “Scarface” — I had fun with it, but I probably would have liked it a lot more if it came out two years ago. Like most people, I’ve already built enough virtual criminal empires and did enough dirt to last me several digi-gangsta lifetimes. I’ve even run out of fake liquor to pour out for my fallen virtual street soldiers.

Now comes “God Hand,” which is just the kind of game I need for this week. I’m working on some stuff for a special section for the Sun and Bulletin, which means not a lot of time for deep gaming.

Deep ain’t the word that jumps to mind for “God Hand” — all you do is beat up people in spectacular fashion. Mayor Young of All Games said it didn’t do much for him at E3. We shall see — I’ll haul it to the Arena Lounge on Friday.

Oh, and Electronic Arts is holding an event with Tiger Woods tomorrow, so I’ll check that out and snap some photos if I can, since I finally have a freakin’ phone that can take pictures now. Speaking of EA, plenty of people have put up YouTube videos pointing out the, uh, apparent bumps in the game. We talked a little about this on AGI, but I didn’t know the hate was quite this bad.