Catching Tiger

“Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007″ was offically released yesterday, and EA celebrated in front of Graumann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood with the arrival of Tiger Woods himself to help promote the game. I’d never really seen the golf Jedi in person — so, I went to check it out.

EA set up a pseudo golf course that worked its way up the steps leading to the Chinese Theater. It started with a green carpet, then widened out to a full-fledged faux fairway, complete with sand traps, some fake rocks and trees, and ultimately, a hole. Tiger’s objective was to “golf” his way up the steps and into the hole, ending play right next to a mini-lounge featuring the 360 version of the game.

Tiger then met with some kids from the TIger Woods Learning Center, who showed off some of their putting skills before playing against him in the game. I didn’t get to see much on screen, namely because a select few people were allowed near the stage. But it sounded like Tiger got pwned, especially by one young fella who nailed a shot from about 30 yards in.

“That was a sucker move, that what that was,” said a smiling, miked-up Tiga-woo. “You just suckered me right in.”

I had my camera phone with me, so I took some pics. Just a few problems — I’m short, and I suck at taking pictures. Plus, it was a little hard to find space among the other ACTUAL photogs without whipping out a hurricane kick.

Anyway, I hope these precious few shots are at least mildly enjoyable.


Yep, I was this close. Tiger still had the nerves of steel — especially after he accidentally blasted some lady with one of his shots up the steps. Don’t fret — the golf balls used for this thing were a lot different than real ones, so that anyone who got hit with a ball didn’t suffer massive damage. Tiger graciously apologized, and the lady was a good sport about it.


Cute shot with the kids. Right Behind Tiger is Scott Van Pelt of “Sportscenter,” who also happened to be staying at the same hotel where I was checking out the “Family Guy Demo.” Oddly enough, I also saw Dan Ackroyd walk by at the same hotel, dressed in black and carrying a folder of stuff. I did have to urge to yell, “Go get her, Ray!!” but quickly drove a stake into the heart of that urge.


It was a little weird when Tiger was playing — his voice is in the game, so I sometimes couldn’t tell if he was saying anything or if it was his virtual self talking. Either way, the kids took a chunk out of him — in his defense, however, the kids also practiced.


Random shot of the green, before the bustle started upon Tiger’s arrival.

  • Reggie

    Great article. Loved the mention of “massive damage”.

  • TabithaM

    And I like the photos — I got that close to Arnold Palmer once. Actually closer. Got his autograph. Not a good idea after the shot he had that day years ago in Palm Springs! He was nice to the little kid, but not me … course, I coulda hit one THAT bad!

    And Tiger probably let the kids win.

    But is the GAME fun and good to play? That’s what I want to know!