‘Bully’ for you, ‘Bully’ for me

First off, apologies for the silence yesterday.

There are a LOT of new releases this week — “Splinter Cell: Double Agent,” and “Battlefield 2142″ among them, but the one the mainstream folks are going to be checking out is the much-delayed “Bully,” the newest Rockstar game that will serve as the poster child for non-gaming politicos everywhere.

On my end, we’re doing a story looking at the concept of bullying and how it’s changed. The story is coinciding with the game’s release this week. I’m going to have a short review of the game to go along with the story, and check out how much a game like “Bully” fits into the discussion. I talked with Dr. David Walsh of the National Institute for Media and the Family today while he was weaving his way through Dayton, Ohio traffic. He had some interesting things to say in the small amount of time we had.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth review of the game itself, I suggest you check back here later or see if the discussion pops up on All Games on Friday (or perhaps earlier). If you want a little more info on the game itself, check out the game’s Web site. Is it a “Columbine simulator” as Jack Thompson has called it (reportedly without playing it), or is it another example of expression for the edgy Rockstar? Well, now many of us get to find out. It’s already sold out at some of the local stores here.