My Xbox 360 out with sore hamstring

My Xbox 360 has failed me. I try every once in a while to use this space to offer up my first impressions of new releases, because sometimes waiting to file the review isn’t quite enough. Plus, since I buy a lot of my games out of pocket, you can at least expect a nice chunk of honesty.

But instead of getting impressions of “Splinter Cell: Double Agent,” I’m sharing my problem — my game system can’t play any games. It can play movies, it works on Dashboard — but now when I’m trying to play something, the system locks up. This is NOT the legendary story of the console overheating, as 360s do. I have no red lights of death, nor do I have the orange or black screen. Everything just freezes — like an old-school game crash. Sometimes I think it mocks me, letting me significant progress before crapping out.

So, off to the shop it goes, which means no 360 for at least a week. This means more time at Arena, as I’m pretty sure the 360s work there — but that also means I’ll probably have to tune out someone playing “Guitar Hero” next to me.

The “Bully” review comes out this week, and in case you didn’t hear the Friday discussion on AGI, I enjoyed it a lot. Yes, it’s a PS2-only game, but seriously, it’s worth checking out. This is coming from someone who was expecting to lay down some negativity on it. It’s that good.