Death Adder, we meet again


SEGA announced the shipping of “Sega Genesis Collection” for the PS2, which’ll transport some of the slightly more aged gamers back to the SNES-Genesis battles of the ’90s. There are 30 titles in the collection, including:

– Altered Beast
– Sonic the Hedgehog
– Shinobi III
– Phantasy Star (but which one?)
– Golden Axe

The release mentioned how the games were “reproduced with the utmost detail and accuracy to the originals.” I wonder if that means I can find the glitchy “sweet spot” in Golden Axe where I could slash barbarians with my sword forever — and they’d NEVER die. I even remember the sound of the 5-hit combos, which always were: slash, SLASH (second slash brings ’em to their knees), two knocks on the dome, then a thudding kick to the chest. Then enemies would scream in a muffled “aaah” as they did the “death fade” into obilvion. I miss the death fade sometimes. It was clean and efficient — I wish my leftovers did that. Though the screams would be a little creepy.