New York Times review pwns PS3

Times tech writer Seth Schiesel showed the PS3 his pimp hand in a piece where the first sentence tells Howard Stringer that the system “just isn’t that great.”

Schiesel spent more than 30 hours worth of time with the much-hyped monolith, and it sounds like he came away with the feeling that Sony spent more time juicing up the engine instead of actually focusing on the entertainment. Here’s this nugget:

“Measured in megaflops, gigabytes and other technical benchmarks, the PlayStation 3 is certainly the worlds most powerful game console. It falls far short, however, of providing the worlds most engaging overall entertainment experience. There is a big difference, and Sony seems to have confused one for the other.”

Schiesel then goes on to break down his odyssey of wading through the “clunky” nature of the system and comparing it to — in his opinion — much easier to use counterpart, the Xbox 360. He comes up with a gem of a line, saying it seems that the PS3 “can’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.” He (and others) also mentioned that the system, even after its delay, still feels unfinished.

Click here to see the rest of Schiesel’s Hanzo sword of a review.

This was pretty eye-opening. I had to write a quick first-impressions deal for LADN, using “Resistance” as my main guide. Only managed to get in a few hours before i had to file — but since Friday’s AGI was an epic eight hours, I got to see some other people mess with it as well.

It seemed to take forever for things to download, and I was a little surprised to learn that you had to plug in the wireless controllers so the system would “recognize” it, as opposed to just doing what you’d do with a 360 controller — press a button and watch the lights. Now I’m hearing more and more people — gamers, not profiteers — that are considering selling their freshly bought systems. That’s just sad.