A very Kal-El Thanksgiving — and more ‘Gears’

I got Superman in the mail today, and I’m hoping — no, praying — that I end up liking the game more than I liked the demo. The demo, which I thought was too short, wasn’t bad, but the deadpan dialogue and some early gameplay struggles watered down the experience for me a little bit (combat was a struggle) However, I enjoyed using Supe’s full arsenal of powers with little or no limits. And of course, I could fly around and break the sound barrier all day — though I need to stop hitting buildings and strafing the good people of Metropolis with errant heat vision blasts.

In the precious spare time I have, I’m also working though “Gears” on Insane difficulty. The biggest difference? The Locust can take more shots to the FACE, while a mere two to three good shots will lay you out. One Troika round chunks you instantly, and even the exploding Wretches now have fatal power. So another difference for me was … I die a lot more.