This CANNOT be right …


What you see before you is my first visit to the “Superman Returns” save screen. According to this, I’ve gone through half the game in roughly the time it takes to watch “Kill Bill”. As you would imagine, I’m a little confused by this. So confused that the following thoughts actually crossed my mind … not all of them make sense. That’s where I’m at.

– Perhaps the copy I got was garbled in some way, and I’m actually through 10 percent of the game.
– The game is finished when I reach 200 percent, since the math is different on Krypton (unlikely).
– The second half will go by very slowly, since it contains the meat of the game — two more hours might only net me 3 percent from now on.
– In reality, this game — which has already been delayed, mind you — could be one of the shortest gaming experiences ever.

Really, I don’t know what to think. The words are gone. Someone tell me I’m missing something.

  • Reggie

    I hope that’s wrong, I really do. If it turns out to be only a four hour game, that tops Tomb Raider’s next-gen record for the most expensive handful of hours spent on the 360.