Euros cancel ‘Rule of Rose’ release

I thought the whole hoo-hah about “Rule of Rose” was over and done with … but not in Europe.

Eurogamer reports that 505 Games isn’t going to publish the horror title in the UK, with the Mayor of Rome and the European Justice and Security Commissioner furrowing their brows and wagging their fingers (surely tired from all the gaming they do) at the game’s content. If you’re in America, you can find “Rule of Rose” (published by Atlus) in stores.

What is the problem? People who have never played it have concocted images of little children slaughtering each other with scissors or having scandalous lesbian trysts during recess. Wrong. Sure, they’re twisted, “Children of the Corn”-like mongrels who are indeed evil, but it’s nowhere near as scary (or as bloody) as “Siren” or “Silent Hill.” I wish some of these critics would play these games — and by play, I mean a few hours, not just feebly wiggling the stick and bumping into walls like someone hit with a stun grenade.

If you play something for a while and still think it’s trouble, fine. No beef there. At least you’ll have an idea of what you’re talking about, and it makes it much easier to engage in meaningful discourse. Can’t do that with someone who’ll hold a 360 controller like its a chicken sandwich.