Capcom tweaks ‘Lost Planet’ eye exam

Well, we saw the eye-straining mini-text in “Dead Rising,” and now in the demos for “Lost Planet,” where gamers with -10 vision spoke out about the microscopic text. The following is a release I got from Capcom, which essentially assures that the final product will be easier to follow text-wise and won’t make you blind.


We have noticed the recent concern about the text size in Lost Planet for SDTV users, in particular the Elimination? mode of the multiplayer game where players scores are displayed on the top left of the screen. We want to assure gamers that we have already implemented a solution for text display in Elimination, which will be reflected in the final game (although its unfortunately not in the demo).

Lost Planet will automatically detect if you are playing on an SDTV and change the score display settings for this mode automatically. For the benefit of both you and your readers, weve included before and after shots of the text adjustment. In screenshot LP SD BEFORE?, you see how the text would have appeared before we implemented the change. In screen LP SD FINAL?, you can clearly see how the rankings text has been greatly enhanced, making it much easier for players to quickly determine scores and standing during a match.

We would also like to remind you that demos on Xbox Live Marketplace do not completely reflect the final product, as they are still early works in progress.

Additionally, steps have been taken within the single player game to make objectives more easily understood. New objectives are delivered to the player as both voice over and text. Once a new objective has been given, players can pause the game at any time to consult the in-game PDA.


Here are some shots as examples:

Before: (note the text in the corner)


And now, after: