First impressions: ‘Viva Pinata’

I can’t put it any better than one AGI chatter put it: This game is like crack.

Pulling away from the activities of tending my garden so I can watch paper creatures bumble and wander into it has proven nearly impossible. Instead of figuring out how to improve myself in “Gears” multiplayer, I’m now obsessed with finding a way for fudgehogs to stay on my patch of land. The cuteness of the pinatas is off the charts, so I would actually feel sad if something happened to them. What the hell? I was just chainsawing Locusts to relax mere hours ago.

I also found that simply playing it puts me in a good mood. Bright colors, fluffy animals and cute sounds are powerful weapons, especially in next-gen.

However, one strange aspect is the “romancing” between two pinatas, where they dance to woo each other, go into their little house and then a patterned egg arrives a few minutes later — which then hatches another pinata. It’s all very innocent and harmless.

What’s weird to see is that there’s no real concept of social taboos when it comes to the romancing … technically, I can take one of the freshly born and matured pinatas and cause it to “romance” one of the pinatas that helped create it in the first place. Think about that … then explain that to the kids. Maybe not. You know what, forget I said anything. Just keep gardening.