Big Boss and Vegas

Well, I filed the review for “Portrait of Ruin” already, so now I’m diving (or crawling) into “Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.” I like it, but it’s not grabbing me the way “Portrait” did. Perhaps I’m still a little too action happy from swinging a whip around and depopulating the demon/zombie/vampire ranks. I’ve just gotten the hang of recruiting my own squad members and using their talents. I want to name my “sneaking team” members after CTU agents, so I can have Jack, Curtis, and Tony at my disposal. And no, January can’t come fast enough.

I have to say this though … I’m getting just a little weary of the marathon dialogue sessions. Look, I know it’s a “style” thing and a staple of the MGS franchise. But how many uninterrupted, soul-searching conversations can a soldier like Snake have on an hourly basis? Especially in the middle of battle? I keep thinking, “Wait, aren’t you in the middle of a hallway? Hide, fool!” Just one of those things that nags me every time I play an MGS game that doesn’t involve cards.

After I get enough of that, my brother (visiting for the holidays) and I will hopefully get to tackle “Rainbow Six: Vegas.” It’s especially fitting, since I’m planning to head to Las Vegas for CES to play with tech toys. Naturally, I will blog from there — and I’m not mentioning anything about the porn convention that HAPPENS to occur at the same time. Savages.