Nintendo getting sued over broken straps

Oh, give me a BREAK. The exploits of gamers accidentally chucking their Wii Remotes into TVs, glassware and each other has been a sore spot since the system came out. Now, they’re being sued.

Several gaming news sources have reported that a class action lawsuit has already been filed by a Wii owner in Austin, Texas. While Nintendo acknowledged the strap issues and instituted a voluntary replacement program, that’s not stopping the suit. Check out this graph from the GameSpot story:

On December 6, a Wii purchaser in Austin, Texas filed a class-action suit against Nintendo, alleging the publisher of violating the Washington Consumer Protection Act (Nintendo is based in the state of Washington, where the suit was filed) by engaging in “unfair or deceptive practices” by telling consumers that the wrist strap was to prevent the controller from flying out of a user’s hand during use, and then providing a strap that was “ineffective for its intended use.” The suit also claims that the Wii Remote strap’s problems constitute a breach of warranty, and defines the class of people who may join the suit as including anybody who has purchased a Wii.

Whatever. This is ridiculous. If you start jerking around and playing Wii games like a baboon being electrocuted, stuff is going to fly out of your hands. There’s having animated, energetic fun, and then there’s being a spastic goof. Think, people.