OK … now I want “R6″

You need to check out Kotaku how gamers are plopping celebrity faces onto their characters in the game. Exquisite use of the camera feature.

The faces I want to do:

1) Tong Po
2) Chuck Norris
3) The guy from “American Ninja”
4) Cynthia Rothrock
5) and finally, Jack Bauer. There’s no time.

PlayStation 4? Really?

Check out the story on GamePro (via SmartHouse)about Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president of technology Paul Holman talking about the possibility of the PlayStation 4, with 2010 being the earliest the system drops. Holman said it was “too early” to really talk about PS4, but also noted it would be folly to discount the idea just because of the management shakeup.

First impressions: ‘Viva Pinata’

I can’t put it any better than one AGI chatter put it: This game is like crack.

Pulling away from the activities of tending my garden so I can watch paper creatures bumble and wander into it has proven nearly impossible. Instead of figuring out how to improve myself in “Gears” multiplayer, I’m now obsessed with finding a way for fudgehogs to stay on my patch of land. The cuteness of the pinatas is off the charts, so I would actually feel sad if something happened to them. What the hell? I was just chainsawing Locusts to relax mere hours ago.

I also found that simply playing it puts me in a good mood. Bright colors, fluffy animals and cute sounds are powerful weapons, especially in next-gen.

However, one strange aspect is the “romancing” between two pinatas, where they dance to woo each other, go into their little house and then a patterned egg arrives a few minutes later — which then hatches another pinata. It’s all very innocent and harmless.

What’s weird to see is that there’s no real concept of social taboos when it comes to the romancing … technically, I can take one of the freshly born and matured pinatas and cause it to “romance” one of the pinatas that helped create it in the first place. Think about that … then explain that to the kids. Maybe not. You know what, forget I said anything. Just keep gardening.

Kidz rule!

A lot of people have been telling me about the greatness of “Rainbow Six Vegas,” so I headed down to the local EB games and picked up … “Viva Pinata.” Let me get this out of the way … I really DO want to play R6, but my jones to riddle enemies with bullets has been more than satified with “Gears of War” in the rotation. Instead of shooting more people, I’m heading in the opposite direction and going gardening. I need to play something “cute” to offest the chainsaw buzz rattling in my eardrums. Plus, I’ve heard some great stuff about the game, so i want to see if it’s true.

So, expect a review next week, along with a smaller review of “Xiaolin Showdown” for the PSP and DS.

Off to garden and play with fluffy fake animals …