DVD formats, unite!

Remember the hoopla last year about the DVD format wars, and how people would be torn between Blu-ray and HD-DVD? There might be a solution. Check out this story about a Warner Bros. checking out a new HD disc format that work in both Blu-ray and HD-DVD drives.

Could this be the we-are-the-world format that ends the “war?” Who knows? Warner Bros. is apparently going to unveil it at CES.

In a story on GamePro, it’s reported that LG is going to whip out a combo disc player at CES that will accommodate both formats as well. All this might actually be what average consumers (not the early adopters) need to consider getting into the high-def DVD market. The key word is “might.”

  • Fred

    Finally… hopefully this will stop the brand bashing and forum wars you see everywhere gamers unite. Blu-Ray… HD DVD… they both have their ups and downs.