The night before CES

Right now, I’m sitting in the office of a giant house in Las Vegas … there are more than a handful of bedrooms (each with cable), a guest house, a big pool, marble floors and large white support columns … the kind of columns that need some stone goddesses around them to complete the effect. If I lived here, I’d be thinking of a spot for a “The World Is Mine” statue.

Thanks to a family friend (who bought this house from a family of cardiologists) this will be my mini-base of operations during my three days of poking around the Consumer Electronics Show, which is essentially the largest tech show in the world.

CES has a way of making you feel out of your element, no matter how much of a techie or gamer you are (and, by the way, “techie” does NOT always equal “gamer” and vice versa). There are literally so many fields — mobile tech, home theater, automobiles, audio, personal tech, content sharing, etc. — that it is virtually impossible to leave here and claim you saw everything. It can’t be done.

I’ll be posting here when I’m not doing stuff for the paper. Paper-wise, I’ll be looking at three things: mobile tech/content, car tech and home entertainment. On this blog, you’ll see (in theory) little nuggets of info and anything else that might not fit in print. Wish me luck.