Farewell, ‘Lost Planet’

Well, after a little more than 10 hours, I’m done with the “Lost Planet” single player campaign. Can’t really say it was worth some of the pain if put me though. After the insanely cheap walking tank boss, it’s like the game decides you are worthy and rewards you by making the rest of the experience easy. I ended up peeling through the remaining handful of boss battles on no more than three tries, counting the final one. Though I will say this … the final confrontation has it’s cool moments, as most Capcom end battles do. The ending is, in a word, meh.

Overall, I’d say the game is a rent, not a buy. I had fun, but there were also times I threw up my hands and said “(Bleep) this game!” I’d play multiplayer, but I don’t like the game enough on a personal level to make the investment — especially since I’ve got Gears and Rainbow.

Now it’s onto “Phoenix Wright: Justice For All,” which wiped out three hours at the car dealership. It’s that engrossing. I’ll talk about it on AGI and it’ll be one of next week’s reviews in what’s been a lukewarm gaming month.