Football and anti-terrorism

Those were the two dominating forces in my weekend. After a truly strange AGI, I got the urge to play through “Splinter Cell: Double Agent” and watch both of the NFC and AFC championship games. I sacrificed most of the Saints-Bears game for Sam’s mission in Kinshasa, and a small chunk of Colts-Pats was evaporated by my final jaunt through the JBA. Got to see the comeback — oddly enough, I wasn’t inspired to play Madden.

I’ve got some catching up to do before “Crackdown” drops in a few weeks. I got my link to try out “Sam and Max” on GameTap, and I still need to play the “Battlestations: Midway” demo. People either love it or hate it — no real middle ground. That comes out the 30th.

Oh, and then there’s the “Crackdown” demo, so I’ll be jumping on building and tossing cars hopefully sometime this week. The demo comes out tomorrow. I’ve been feeling a somewhat lukewarm vibe for “Crackdown,” but I think it offers a nice change-up from all the Gears and R6 action I’ve been locked in for ages. Plus, being able to wreak supernatural damage on gang bangers is an opportunity I really want to take.

The review for “Phoenix Wright: Justice for All” should be in the paper(s) Thursday. I hope everyone had a good weekend.