Big week

I’m still in the middle of transcribing the interview from seeing “Guitar Hero II.” It’ll show up later here as an earlier entry. It’s going to be a good/busy week. I just finished up with “Ghost Rider” (not as bad as you might want to think), and I’ve got “Crackdown” and “NBA Street Homecourt” to peel into. Oddly enough, I think I’m looming forward to “Street” more, simply because I think “Crackdown” is a little overdiscussed, and I’m readly for something other than a simulation for my hoops fix after All-Star weekend.

I really didn’t want to like Ghost Rider … but I ended up having some fun with it after all. It reeks of unoriginality, but at least the games it rips off are pretty good: “God of War,” “Devil May Cry” and “Onimusha.” I will say this, though — before anyone else jumps on the “God of War” bandwagon to bash the game, it should be noted that for all of GoW’s accolades and props, innovation wasn’t one of them. Just putting it out there. If anything, Ghost Rider is making me look forward even more to GoW 2. I hear the demo’s out, but the litany of trailers and what I saw at E3 are more than enough. I’m probably going to go through the first one just to prepare.