GTA IV trailer thoughts

Just saw the GTA IV trailer. It looks like that RAGE engine could work out just fine for the franchise. If there was ever a design criticism about the series, it was that it was starting to look a little dated visually. Check out the cityscapes, the lighting, the company parodies (Getalife instead of MetLife) and the accent of the main character. It looks like we’re returning to Liberty City (if you see the writing on the ship as well as some of the Gotham-like landmarks), and we’re doing it in the shoes of an Eastern European main character.

The guy reminds me a lot of one of the villains from “Behind Enemy Lines” starring Owen Wilson. Wilson played a downed American pilot trying to escape Bosnia alive. One of his enemies was a skilled soldier who wore a sweatsuit for the whole movie, complete with the stripe down the side of his pantlegs. I’m not saying it’s HIM, but I can see him as the design inspiration for the protagonist in GTA IV.

You can see the trailer here.