Nintendo signs with “E for All” Expo


IDG announced today that the Entertainment for All (E for All) gaming expo has reeled in Nintendo as one of its flagship exhibitors.

If you don’t know what E for All is, it’s one of several events that will be attempting to pick up the pieces left over from the death of E3, which was like the Woodstock of gaming. While the old E3 always took place in May, E for All will be taking over the L.A. Convention Center from October 18-21, right around the time people should be trying to get their Christmas shopping done. You can get filled in on what the show’s about here. Essentially, this is an attempt to give gamers the “show” to call their own. Or, as the Rock would say (if he were still wrestling), it’s “the people’s show.”

The quick move by Nintendo shouldn’t really surprise anyone, given that the Wii was looked at as the most welcoming of the new systems and that the big N has always been seen as the friendly, happy game maker. I’m still not exactly sure what I would see there since October is so close to buying season, but who knows?