Rainbow Six … still waiting.

Nothing to report here, as I’m still waiting for the new R6 maps and modes to download to my 360 (which was without its hard drive for about a week — long story). If you’re not exactly keen on what the new “Red” edition pack entails, you can find most of the pertinent information here.

I’m looking forward to the new maps and seeing what kind of mileage I can get from them. However, I’m going to make an admission — the moment I play a multiplayer match at the LVU campus map, it’s going to feel weird. Sure, the campus is fictional, but my virtual self is still going to running around university buildings, carrying an assault rifle and trying to shoot terrorists or members of the other team. Just a thought that flew through my head … maybe I’ll expound more on it when I’ve actually done some real playing.

The maps that are actually new include a restaurant and a roof setting, so it’ll be nice to get my feet wet with a group of people on my Live buddy list. This map pak also comes at a time when I’m going to try and “educate” one of our non-gaming writers on games and gaming culture. It’s sort of a crash course for her, since (by her own admission) she’s about as far from a hardcore gamer as you could possibly be. However, taking up gaming is one of her New Year’s resolutions, so therefore, I have become her gaming sensei be default. Perhaps I’ll just tell her to sweep the leg or shoot the glass and be done with it : ) That’s advice that can go a really long way.