Map talk

I spent most of my working day poring over the new “Red Edition” pack for R6: Vegas. It’s a big honkin’ download — it took me over an hour, so I managed to fit in breakfast and return some messages while waiting. Instead of of hurling a giant block of text at you, I’ll just break my thoughts (sometimes random) into digestible chunks. I’ll probably go through them again before AGI, because they’re actually quite large.

First, thought on some of the maps:

Doscala Restaurant

In terms of strategic variables, this is probably going to be my favorite map. You don’t just fight in a restaurant — you also have multilevel parking structure across the street, the street itself, a side alley into the restaurant, and of course, the front door. From what I experienced, spawn points are both inside the restaurant and at the structure. You’ll get a lot of closed-combat action in the confines of the restaurant, which comes complete with a good size upscale dining room, bar and back kitchen area (complete with freezer). I have a feeling this is where the shotgun-proficient will live. I could also see snipers setting up shop across the street at the parking structure. There’s a clear line of sight from one corner of the structure into that side alley … anyone who walks into that alley (like me) runs of the risk of getting the Golgo 13 treatment. In other words — boom, headshot. Though after writing that, I now want a custom M-16 in the game. Maybe not.

Kill House Redux

Not as much of a fan of this one. It’s still a fun map to play it, but I feel like I know it already. Only noticeable change I’ve seen is that it’s during the day. There might be some extra doors or something, but I didn’t see anything that made me say, “My god, this feels brand new!!!” In most of the matches I engaged in here, we ended up using a lot of the same techniques and moves (and in my case, I use the word “moves” loosely).

Marshalling Yard

This one feels like the biggest map in the game. It’s got a large, open area loaded with train cars and trucks … along with a lot of ideal spots for sharpshooters. I learned this the hard way, as I kept running from train car to truck while someone was trying to shoot me in the temple. Couple that with the folks who liked to run around in this maze of steel and kill everyone in sight. Scary stuff. My shooting was the suck on this map.

Border Town Redux

You’re going to need night vision here, because it’s very dark. I ended up getting a lot of free kills simply because someone couldn’t see my guy, who looks a little like Scorpion dressed in black. Shadows FTW. However, this also worked against me, as I couldn’t see anyone to save my life, especially in the church.

I didn’t end up exploring the new “Roof” map, but that’s going to change in the next few hours. I’ve actually got to cut this a little short, since I’m helping one of our columnists break into the world of gaming, and we’re also going to do a podcast about it (hopefully, that turns out well). Next time you see me, I’ll share my thoughts on the two play modes: Total Conquest and Assassination. Take care.