‘God of War’ coming to the PSP … for real

We knew this was coming for some time, but now it’s “official” — Sony launched the Web site for “Chains of Olympus,” which is the very real name for Kratos’ venture into the world of the PlayStation Portable.

I tried the site, and there’s nothing there (pics, videos) that gives you a sense of what the game is supposed to be like. However, the site is offering free UMD demo discs … but no one knows what’s going to be on them. If it’s anything like the God of War II demo, count me in.

Gamespot reports that Cory Barlog, the producer for “God of War,” has only said that “Olympus” is an entirely new game and not some adaptation of the other games for the PS2.

OK, I’m a little interested about how this game is going to feel. I don’t have any doubts it’ll look great and feature a lot of the arm-tearing hijinks we’ve come to expect from our dead Spartan buddy. However, one of the main gripes about the PSP as a game system is its single thumbstick/speaker button. Unless you’re the type who’s played his PSP to death (and I haven’t run into many of those), you might find the space for your thumb a little cramped. Add that to the fact that rolling and dodging were handled by the right thumbstick (which doesn’t exist on the PSP), and you’ve got a potential issue.

However, also keep in mind that the “God of War” series is one of the button-mashier franchises around (don’t take my word for it … my friend Canan Tasci of City News, a non-gamer, managed to wipe out a small garrison once she found out the attack buttons) so it’s not like Sony will be trying to reinvent the wheel. We’ll see. I just want to see some screen shots.