Map talk, part deux

Since R6 has enjoyed a renaissance in my weekly playing rotation, I’ve gotten to digest the two play modes available in the new map pack: Total Conquest and Assassination. Both are tons of FPS fun in bunches.


Combined with the Doscala Restaurant, this match type has brought me and others the most joy over the past two weeks. Players are divided into two teams: assault and defend. The defenders have to escort a VIP to one of several extraction points on the map, while it’s the assault team’s job to take the VIP out. Simple enough.

Here’s the fun part — one of the defenders has to assume the role of the VIP. He’s a skinny, balding old white guy with no armor (just a shirt and bad tie), no grenades, and only a Glock as his main weapon. Considering you’re going up against guys who could be decked out with shields, riot helmets and assault rifles, you might as well have brought a Nerf gun to the battle.

This could lead to some funny moments. The game picks the VIP at random, so there’s always the inevitable “aww man” when the game starts, and they see bare white arms feebly holding a handgun. In our group, the VIP character has been christened with several identities — our favorite is the “KFC night manager.” We’ve gotten a lot of humor mileage out of that one.

It’s also funny to see the VIP engage in a killing spree. Yes, it can and HAS happened. I remember being part of a game where me and all the other defenders got taken out … and then we watch the VIP (a very skilled player) take out the assault team by himself. There’s almost an unspoken shame in being taken out by the VIP … it’s not supposed to happen. It’s like getting beat up by your sister or something. Good times for all. We ended up playing one map and this one mode for hours. I stop only for work and Guitar Hero.

Total Conquest

You got three small satellite installations scattered around the map. Two teams have to take over and defend as many satellites as they can for as LONG as they can until the score for one team reaches a certain limit. The more satellites you hold for a longer period of time, the faster and bigger your score gets. You can set the score limit to 3,000, 5,000 or 8,000. This is also the kind of match type that begs for you to turn the respawns on.

This game mode almost serves as a crash course for on-the-fly team communication, as well as what your definition is of “cheap.” For instance, I’ve witnessed several matches where a team will take control of two of the three satellites and then camp out at the spawn point of the other team, cutting them down before they can make a move. Without the spawn camping, matches still have their fair share of gun-blazing chaos. As the scores get higher, the competition gets a little more heavy, and the trash-talk after each round can get a little more grating. Among friends, it’s a great change of pace from Assassination — though I don’t think it’s quite as fun.