Harmonix bringing ‘Rock Band’ to PS3 and 360

Harmonix, EA and MTV have announced next mutation of what the original “Guitar Hero” produced — Rock Band. Why is this awesome? Because instead of just a guitar, now you will be able to form your own BAND. Good god, y’all.

The game come with TWO guitars, a microphone and a drum kit. DRUMS. According to posts on Kotaku, cover bands won’t be in the game, and some record labels are going to use this avenue as a way to release new music.

You remember how psycho people when over the first two “GH” games. Now we have this. “Rock Band” has the potential to tear a hole in the universe now (not really, but still). The only thing I’m worried about — how much is this gonna cost?

New ‘Lost Planet’ maps coming Friday

For those of you still blasting the hell out of each other in the frozen tundra of “Lost Planet,” Capcom just announced that another multiplayer map pack will be arriving just in time for the weekend. At the price of 400 Microsoft points, you’ll get two new levels: The Hive Complex and Trial Point.

Hive Complex is just like it sounds — a lot of tunnels and bridges on a ravaged mountainside. Trial Point is an office area that’s supposed to feature a large cityscape in the background.

More classics on the Wii

Nintendo announced three new old-school games that should be available on the Wii Shop channel right now. As always, you can use your Wii Points to download them.

First up is StarFox 64 for 1,000 points, then Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for 600 (which originally came out on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System) and then Dragon’s Curse at 600 points, which first entered the gaming world on the TurboGrafx 16.