And now, introducing …

… our gaming podcast for the Sun and Daily Bulletin, “Wanna be a Gamer?”

For those who may not know, Canan Tasci of City News has a New Year’s resolution — to take up video games. She has selected yours truly as her bumbling guide through a world that features guitar heroes, cooking mamas, chainsaws and gods of war. Our podcasts can be found on the front page of and On the Bulletin Web site (scroll down and look to the right), you’ll be able to catch up on the stuff we’ve done so far. We’ve got some videos to go along with Canan’s journey into gamerdom. Check them out!

Here’s the first episode, which sets the tone and where we discuss Canan’s reaction to “Gears of War” and “God of War 2.”

Episode 2: Guitar Hero II

Episode 3: More GH II and a little bit of first-person shooter action

Episode 4: Spider-Man 3 and Sony Gamer Day impressions

If you’re one of the many folks who find the gaming world a little weird and scary — check us out. It’s nothing to be frightened of. Really.