Finish the fight — in nine hours

You’d think that Universal CityWalk would be a WiFi hotzone. You would also be wrong.

I’m writing this from a Jillian’s, since they seem to be one of the few places around here that has WiFi access. It helps that it’s a grenade’s throw away from the GameStop store, where people are already outside waiting for Halo 3.

GameStop and MS are gearing up for the big “Midnignt Madness” event, and I’ve already run into someone that’s been in line since SUNDAY. Even the manager here at the restaurant said he saw people hanging out as early as Saturday. I have no idea how these people do it.

On the agenda is a Halo 3 tournament as well as an appearance by young Zac Efron, who’s apparently big into Halo and will play the winner of the tournament.

The district manager of GameStop said they’re trying to get prepped for a range of 200 -1000 people. That’s a hell of a range, but I can see up to 1,000 people rolling up here. I was also told that they have more than enough copies of the game to accommodate people in line. A lot of the pre-orders were for the Legendary or limited editions. The Legendary edition comes with the Master Chief’s helmet … yeah, I’m not getting that. Where would I put it?

Anyway, I’m going to be hanging out here until the midnight release. I missed the last Halo launch, so there’s a part of me that wants to see what it’s like. If anything, it’ll make for great people watching.

See you soon.