Quick review – Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

In the words of the immortal ex-coach Dennis Green, Ratchet and Clank Future, is what I thought it was. You’ll get a funny, well-crafted, Saturday morning cartoon of a game that demonstrates how fun games on the PS3 can be. However, what I played wasn’t quite enough to put it over games like Bioshock, Mass Effect or even God of War 2 as my personal game of the year.

As with every game in the series, I enjoyed the weapons and gadgets. I still like to let loose with the Groovitron, but I also got addicted to the Tornado Launcher and Predator Launcher. I enjoyed how the Sixaxis was used to control Ratchet through his traffic free-fall as well as help him fend off space pirates. The level design was impeccable — even from the start of the game, I was entranced by Emperor Tachyon’s forces assaulting Ratchet while dismembering the buildings around him.

So with all this praise, why isn’t it the game of the year? It’s mostly because I could say a lot of this stuff about all of the other games in the series. The other titles — even Assassin’s Creed — brought some new stuff to the table that made it stand apart from the others. This game didn’t quite do enough for me.