MLB 2K8 is out. People are mad.

Lots of seamheads wanted MLB 2K8 to be outstanding. From what’s I’ve heard from friends and seen in forums like, it sounds like 2K Sports has some explaining to do. The graphics do NOT look better than last year’s game (which is head-scratching), and the biggest complaint I’ve heard deals with framerate. If a sports game has piss-poor framerate, you might as well not even play it. I’ll have to wait until I get home to play my copy. I hope that’s not the case.

When the game was demonstrated for myself and Scot Rubin of All Games Radio, we came away generally impressed by the pitching mechanic (using the right analog stick to control pitching) and underwhelmed by the visuals. As in, the game looks exactly like last year’s … maybe a little worse. Not good.

In the meantime, taste some of the virtroil yourself, courtesy of the 2K Sports forums. This is NOT what you want to hear if you’ve been waiting for this game.