E3 2008 — Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff

Touchdown 2.JPG

Yeah, that’s right. Harken back to the days of 100-yard passes and action cutscenes, which fly in the face of the ultra-realistic football sims everyone has now. It’s coming out for the DS in late September. I played it a little bit at the Tecmo kiosk, but the build they had was tweaked to show off as many cutscenes as possible — so one occurred practically every play. The cutscenes showed off players’ super moves — stuff called “lightning dodge” (where you elude everyone for a instant burst of yardage) and “pocket pass”, where you’re able to gun the ball hard enough so that it can’t be knocked down by linemen or linebackers.

The one thing you won’t see are NFL players or teams. No license. However, you can customize teams and players, so … leave it to your imagination.