E3 2008: Resident Evil V


Under the flag of a new organization, Chris Redfield, one of the heroes from the original Resident Evil and his partner Sheva comes to Africa to investigate some strange things happening. Creepy, bloody action ensues.

Let me get this out of the way. This game is beautiful. I’d have spent more time staring at the wonders of this rendition of Africa if I had more time. At the same time I’m worried — because I could not stand the controls. Most of the pain centered around the way the camera snaps back to center whenever you use the right analog stick to move it. This made fighting a lot less fun than I thought it was going to be, especially with crazed, diseased Africans (and other assorted ethnicities) wildly swinging at me. It made aiming much more arduous (though I still got some nice, splattery headshots) and it also led to confusion when dealing with enemies from all angles.

Sheva is actually pretty clutch, healing you at the right moments as well as dealing out her own helpings of death. The co-op play gives the game more potential to be truly game-of-the-show material, but the controls … gah.