News bits: ‘Today’ plays Rock Band, Activision drama

Hell yeah. Living on a prayer, indeed. It’s actually not that bad, considering that I’ve seen other players choke with far less people watching.

Other stuff:

– Some ripples and freakouts happened when game publisher Activision dropped a slew of (potentially) sweet games from Vivendi, including Ghostbusters, Brutal Legend and Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. However, as others have already reported, this does not mean the games are dead. As far as I can discern, they are still being made, they just need to be picked up by another publisher.

Check out the story here. Keep in mind that Activision Publishing made the statement, not Activision Blizzard or Blizzard Entertainment.

– Online game rental house GameFly is pairing up with Xbox Live. Check out the release here.

– If you’ve never heard of Zero Punctuation, it’s never too late to be entertained. Check out the rundown of E3. Brace yourself for language not suited for children.