Consumer Electronics Show: Day 1 (stunted)

I got here in the middle of the day, while Al scoured the show floors and took shots of everything even remotely cool. I took a short lap around the South Hall. There’s way too much stuff for two mortals to digest, but here’s some of what we’ve seen. Check it out after the jump.

The first thing was perused was the OLED (OH-led) technology at the Kodak booth, which actually took me by surprise with how thin the screen was. As you can see from the video, I let Pat Cowan of Kodak do most of the talking. I was also reminded that the camera adds weight, which is just unnecessary in my case. Let’s move on.

Next to the OLED stuff was the Zi6 pocket video camera, which was practically begging Al to pick it up. If it had knees, it was on them. At 60 frames per second and 720p, I can’t really blame him. Kodak’s got a “loaner” program going on with it for the show, so we just might get a piece of it if time allows.

Nvidia was showing off Geforce 3D Vision (yes, 3D glasses for gaming – perfect for your motion sickness-prone enemies). The big screen featured Guitar Hero, with one kid displaying pathological playing skills while others watched and withstood flying notes to the face. Other rigs featured EA’s Mirror’s Edge, the first-person free-running game — dangerous, considering the game cold make you queasy WITHOUT the wonder of 3D. But now, gamers got to truly immerse themselves in the joy of crashing to their death after missing a jump.

The last thing I got to truly gaze at before retreating is the Reactor from Hardcore Computer. It’s billed as the first PC that’s completely submerged in liquid. The liquid itself is called “core coolant,” and it’s patented by Hardcore.

This thing is a beast — 100 pounds of really fast, server-class computer technology that’s been touted as the fastest PC by a lot of industry know-it-alls. It handles upgrades with the user pulling off the top and lifting the core, which is a lot less painful than what I originally thought was needed. It doesn’t sound like a rocket ship while running. Also, from what Daren Klum, the Hardcore Computer president, told us, the thing is damn near invincible. On a side note, Klum’s got ties to the San Berdoo area — his grandparents own the Cooley Ranch.

“We’re going to have an ad where someone shoots it with a shotgun,” he said. Good to know, in the event that someone randomly fires at me with a shotty while I’m writing a review for Bullet Witch 2 or some other piece of work.

All kidding aside, the PC is leak-proof, using the same hard material that’s used in the helmets of astronauts. I’m guessing that’s pretty solid.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Enjoy the pics, and hope you like the video. Al and I will be back with a LOT more when you hear back from us. Peace.