A visit with Toshiba

We swung by Toshiba and were immediately caught off guard with the demo of Spatial Motion Interface technology, which basically lets you control stuff with your hands. There was a black square on top of sizable flat-screen for the demo, where the Toshiba rep was spinning around a “ball” comrprised of small pictures with a few pulls and waves with her hands. She was able to play video, zoom in, stop the video, rewind and pick more stuff — like television’s version of tai chi.

Then came the Regza LCD television that was essentially built to lean against the wall. Depending on how you look at it, it’s either a clever nod to modern design or another sign that people are getting too lazy. I can imagine someone gruffly spouting “What, we can’t mount TVs anymore?” We’ll let you decide. Personally, I think the TV’s tight.