CES: Day 2 wrap-up nuggets

My first (and last) full day of CES is done. Instead of boring you with an giant roundup, I’ll be giving you bite-size chunks of some of the stuff Al and I saw. Al’s got pics and videos, I’ve got words.

You saw the Greenpeace stuff, so after that, it was off to Capcom. They were one of the few companies showing off games in a suite E3-style, so I played Bionic Commando, Resident Evil 5 and a cute, odd game called Flock. Quick impressions about the games after the jump.

Bionic Commando: Sick learning curve for me on the controls as far as the grapple arm was concerned. I was trying to play it like a Spider-Man game, but failed miserably. Once I started getting the hang of it, I was chucking cars over buildings or into the bad guys. Lots of double-tapping of the A button for everything from zip kicks to combos. Expect to die stupidly within the few of the 18 to 19 projected playing hours.

Resident Evil 5: OK, I was the problem the first time around. The build I played, as well as my whole experience, was a lot more fluid than it was at E3. I almost forgot how sickeningly gorgeous the game was, especially the level I played, which had me warding off enemies while standing on a speedboat. It involved light lever pulling to open up some gates for the boat, along with a look at the cover system and what playing solo (i.e. friendless) would feel like. I’m digging this game — certainly a lot more than during the summer.

Flock: You can’t have enough stupid fun in your gaming, and this cute-but-twisted animal-gathering journey had more than enough of it. Your job is to use a mini-UFO to steer and corral animals into a giant ship called the Mother Flocker. I’m serious. It sounds easy, until to realize that you have to navigate the animals through a variety of obstacles such as holes, cliffs, and poop to get to the destination. It made me smile. I don’t know what that says about me.