The Sony swing-through

When we went by Sony’s booth, I was immediately attracted to the setups for the PS3. We were short on time, so I checked out just a little bit of Killzone 2. It’s looked like a must-have back at E3, and it looks like one now. Hopefully, it’s ending won’t be as weird as the one for Resistance 2.

What really caught our eyes was the Sony VAIO Lifestyle PC, a full-fledged PC that essentially fits in your pocket. It starts at $899 and comes with Windows Vista (like it or not, it’s there, so deal with it) 2 gigs of ram, GPA and about 2-4 hours of battery life. Don’t mean to be Mr. Cloudy Day, but that seems a little short for me. Then again, I haven’t spent a day with it, either. Either way, it was a pretty cool piece of work to check out. Hope you enjoy any photos and video we have of it.

22107-VAIO 1.jpg