Tim Lincecum MLB 2K9 Skit

MLB 2K9 poster boy Tim Lincecum skit.

Review: Tom Clancy’s Endwar

This came out a while ago, but we don’t mind long reviews here. Enjoy.

By Reggie Carolipio

Endwar might not be based on a Tom Clancy novel, but it retains the techno-political edge of the fiction that bears his name, as World War III explodes across the globe in what may have been an off day for Third Echelon.

This time, instead of relying on Sam Fisher or the tactical stopping power of Rainbow Six, entire armies will be used to tilt the balance of world power without having to worry about annoying little things such as hostages or subtlety.

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Some final CES thoughts

In no particular order, other things that left an impression:

– The Pocket Cinema from Aiptek. It’s a small video projector that you really can put into your pocket. We saw it at the Innovations Showcase at the Sands.

– Canon’s EOS-5D Mark II. I’m not a photographer, but even I heard the considerable about of happy feelings surrounding this camera. It shoots full HD video and rocks the 21 megapixel CMOS system. But to quote Jessica Simpson — I totally don’t know what that is, but I want it.

– Fata1ity. Also known as Johnathan Wendel, he’s probably the most recognizable professional gamer in the world. Every year at CES, he takes on all challengers while also promoting his line of gaming gear. This time, he whipped out the “Quake Hero” handicap, where he essentially played a customized keyboard like a guitar while taking on two players at the same time. Still took ’em down. Sick. Al shot a picture of that in an earlier post.

– 3D television. I saw Sharp, Sony and a few other companies showing off 3D television technology. This is getting serious. Some outside observers scoffed at the notion of 3DTV a few years ago, but there were a lot of major players in the 3D mix here at the show. Let’s keep an eye on that.

It’s been my pleasure to share whatever I could from what’s truly a must-see show. Al’s working on getting some video and even more pictures up, and we hope you like what you see.

Until then, take care. They are starting to kick people out of the media room.

And welcome to Tech-Out.

The Sony swing-through

When we went by Sony’s booth, I was immediately attracted to the setups for the PS3. We were short on time, so I checked out just a little bit of Killzone 2. It’s looked like a must-have back at E3, and it looks like one now. Hopefully, it’s ending won’t be as weird as the one for Resistance 2.

What really caught our eyes was the Sony VAIO Lifestyle PC, a full-fledged PC that essentially fits in your pocket. It starts at $899 and comes with Windows Vista (like it or not, it’s there, so deal with it) 2 gigs of ram, GPA and about 2-4 hours of battery life. Don’t mean to be Mr. Cloudy Day, but that seems a little short for me. Then again, I haven’t spent a day with it, either. Either way, it was a pretty cool piece of work to check out. Hope you enjoy any photos and video we have of it.

22107-VAIO 1.jpg

A visit with Toshiba

We swung by Toshiba and were immediately caught off guard with the demo of Spatial Motion Interface technology, which basically lets you control stuff with your hands. There was a black square on top of sizable flat-screen for the demo, where the Toshiba rep was spinning around a “ball” comrprised of small pictures with a few pulls and waves with her hands. She was able to play video, zoom in, stop the video, rewind and pick more stuff — like television’s version of tai chi.

Then came the Regza LCD television that was essentially built to lean against the wall. Depending on how you look at it, it’s either a clever nod to modern design or another sign that people are getting too lazy. I can imagine someone gruffly spouting “What, we can’t mount TVs anymore?” We’ll let you decide. Personally, I think the TV’s tight.


Wow … that’s a thin TV

I’m referring to Sharp’s practically anorexic (about 1 inch) Limited Edition LCD TV. We shot some video and pics of this thing, which puts out a beautiful picture and some pretty good sound, thanks to a partnership with Pioneer. I managed to get some face time with a Sharp exec about it.

Only thing that truly stings? The price. The model we checked out can be yours for about $11,000.

22109-Sharp 2.jpg