Michael Jackson. Gaming stuff. Yes.

No jokes needed. The sentence itself is entertaining enough: Michael Jackson is auctioning items, and a TON of his catalog is video game related. Like, ridiculously so. Seriously, flip through this thing. I’m doing it right now. Join me.

– A treasure trove of arcade and pinball machines, including such immortals as X-Men, Crazy Taxi, a Star Trek: TNG pinball game (what? really? I see Picard’s face! That’s awesome! Make it so!), Darkstalkers, The SImpsons — I don’t know if the guy had taste, or if he just bought everything. I’m going with No. 2. This thing is 242 pages, after all.

– A little rideable arcade pony. Let’s move on.

– Whoa. A Lara Croft figure from the classic Tomb Raider series. Doesn’t look poseable. Do not want.

– A stand-up station featuring the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Just now, I heard wrestling announcer Jim Ross’ voice in my head: “Mah god, the Virtual Boy! What’s it doing here?! It’s not supposed to be here!” Let’s keep flipping. Just a few more pages, or I’ll be here all night.

– Holy cow, the Karate Champ arcade game. This was before hadoukens and shouryukens were even possible.

– What the heck is Guitar Freaks? Not Guitar Hero. Guitar Freaks.

– Ah, Dance Dance Revolution. You KNEW this was going to be here. I wonder if he even played this …

– OK, I’m in the 70s when it comes to pages, and I’m getting to a lot of cool action figures. I think I see Bruce Lee with nunchaku and some kind of hat. Also, there’s Batman, Spidey and other heroes in various forms.

All right, I’m stopping. I have other things to do. But I’m not done looking through this. Not at all. By the way, many thanks to biz editor Christina Brock for passing this along.