Throw away your PCs and consoles…OnLive is coming


One of the more daring announcements to come out of this year’s GDC was the unveiling of OnLive, a game delivery system promising to replace the need for upgrades with a service that will do it all for you instead. All the player will need is a controller, or a set top box for their television, a PC, and the need to believe that they can accomplish the impossible.
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G.I. Joe the movie is coming out and you know what that means…

I’ll admit it: I was something of a G.I. Joe freak in the eighties and I have a box filled with figures and dossier card cutouts to prove it. Sorry collector-type people, no more unbroken blister packs. And now that a movie is on its way, it was only inevitable that a game would follow suit but looking at the trailer, I might prefer the NES versions instead.
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Remember…no Russians

This year’s GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) had a host of amazing announcements from the floor, not the least of which was the keynote by MGS maestro, Hideo Kojima, as he touched on subjects ranging from his own development philosophy to what the future might hold for the legendary franchise.

But FPS fans were probably more riveted by the teaser Infinity Ward had put together revealing the impending release on 11.10.09 of Modern Combat 2. It also didn’t take long for the ‘net to provide plenty of analysis on the imagery the trailer hints at with a strong suspicion that one of the locations may be Rio De Janeiro along with new perks. The hint that the gunmen in the trailer don’t want to take a chance in shooting any Russians may also tie back to what had gone down in the first game, making this part of an ongoing storyline.

And here’s the trailer, courtesy of Gametrailers.

OK, stop staring. More Madden ’10 stuff.

The art director for the new Madden ’10 breaks down the depth-of-field concepts that people are going to see in the EA football titles. It’s a pretty good breakdown, but there’s a lot of it, so check it out when you have time.

There’s even a nice shot of a revamped Ben Roethlisberger of the world champion Pittsburgh Steelers to display improved character models.

Madden ’10 screenshot: Stare!!


This is a shot from Madden ’10, courtesy of Peter Moore’s blog. Moore, as you may know, is the president of EA Sports, so naturally, he’s going to be effusive in his praise for the game. In fact, he feels so good about it that he’s challenging readers to gaze upon the above screenshot and see if they can detect the improvements.

I’m tempted, of course, but I’ll pass. One thing I’ve learned about screenshots: A picture may be worth a thousand words, but if the game moves like crap, those words aren’t going to be worth much.

Moore also expounds a little bit on the “fight for every yard” theme of this edition of the game, which leads me to think EA might go with another tailback (Peterson?) or a really physical receiver (Ward? Anquan Boldin, he of the reconstructed face?) on the cover.

Anyway, have fun staring at the shot.

Dora the Explorer: The tween years

You’d figure Dora the Explorer would age eventually, right? Turns out Mattel thought the same thing, which is why they showed off the new Dora Links Fashion doll at this year’s Toy Fair. However, there’s been some negative buzz as to Dora’s new look, in the form of a released silhouette:


Now, I can actually see why the silhouette would freak some people out. It looks like she’s got a miniskirt and curvy legs. Quite a departure.

But this is how she actually looks … and people still have a problem:


OK, I’m not a parent. Perhaps I’m missing some kind of instinct, that piercing urge to express outrage. But I don’t see what the issue is.

She’s got longer hair (which, I guess happens when you AGE), she’s not showing any skin, she’s not in heels, she’s got a few new accessories (including earrings, which isn’t unusual) … I don’t get it. Why are some people still ready to put her at Pharaoh’s on a Saturday night? Am I not seeing something?

As for the doll, you can connect it via USB to the computer and actually use the computer to customize the doll. Kids can make Dora’s hair grow, change the color of her earrings, etc. There’s also an alert system that lets you know when there’s new stuff to explore on the Dora Web site. I can only imagine the potential shopping craze this could cause.

Max Payne 3, eh?


Interesting. Rockstar Games, and not Remedy, is taking up the third installment of the saga involving the troubled cop who can move like Neo. I’ve always known the Max Payne franchise as charming, funny, extremely dark and among the shorter single-player experiences I’ve ever come across. I remember full conversations between mobsters that I refused to interrupt with my gunfire until they were finished. I even remember frickin’ “Lords and Ladies.”

I see that Rockstar’s vision of Max veers away from the rugged but somewhat youthful version in the earlier games. Instead, the pic above reminds me a little of Niko, the Serbian protagonist in the GTAIV. I’m also getting a Ray Stevenson from Punisher: Warzone vibe with this look, but I can’t tell if the dude’s bald. Because what we need, really, is another bald, scruffled badass.

It would be easy to assume all kinds of things about what Rockstar’s going to do with Max. Open world? Tons of missions? Quirky mini-games? Social commentary? Horrible things happening to people in gory fashion? I don’t know. However, I’ve never really had issues with the quality of Rockstar’s stuff, whether it’s Red Dead Revolver or Table Tennis. So if they screw it up, then by all means, pile on. Let’s wait until this game is made, though. And according to Rockstar, we’ll see it this winter.

New Wolfenstein Trailer Reveals More Hapless Nazis

Gametrailers has received a new, exclusive, teaser inviting players to step back into the boots of BJ Blazkowicz and blow away the Third Reich’s obsession with the occult. Using iD’s Tech 4 engine behind Doom 3’s hellish resurrection, longtime partners, Raven Software, have pushed its limits with a host of wall busting, ghost killing effects to whet everyone’s appetite. Here are a few captures to get you excited about heading back to WW2 without having to storm the beaches of Normandy all over again.


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Review: Resident Evil 5


If you want to know what bioterrorism fantasy looks like, try the latest chapter of the “Resident Evil” series. At the very least, it’ll make you think about investing in a mask.

Resident Evil 5 is the culmination of a saga that has evolved from a zombie-killing, bump-in-the-night scarefest to an action-packed monster thriller. By fully coming out of the shadows and adding a mythic spin on the world of biological weaponry, this piece from Capcom is one of my favorite titles of the early year.

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