Life after The Pitt


I finished the Pitt earlier this week, but…what happened to the quality control?

There were more than just one or two ways in which players could easily break some of the logic in the game, whether it’s taking a path less traveled or simply running away from your enemies. None of the DLC for Oblivion gave me nearly as many issues as the Pitt did. I’m not even going to touch the problems that Xbox 360 owners have experienced already, requiring Bethesda to pull the DLC and then re-upload it along with instructions on how to delete the old version.

That said, when it works, there’s a pretty decent story and some nice loot found within it. Modders should be able to have a field day in populating their own ideas of what the rest of post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh should look like since what is available feels like one tiny block. But I hope that Broken Steel, the last DLC and the one that changes the ending, raises the level cap, and delivers one whallop of an adventure in clearing out the Enclave from the DC area, won’t have as many bizarre problems as this one did.

I do have a bit more faith in that it will be a bit more solid, though. Bethesda’s Jeff Gardiner has noted that they had started working on Broken Steel shortly before Christmas last year, after they wrapped up work on Fallout 3, meaning that it may have gotten a much longer lead time in development than the other two had. With the high level concepts that they’ve been juggling around for this last piece of DLC, I’m hoping that’s the case.