Remember…no Russians

This year’s GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) had a host of amazing announcements from the floor, not the least of which was the keynote by MGS maestro, Hideo Kojima, as he touched on subjects ranging from his own development philosophy to what the future might hold for the legendary franchise.

But FPS fans were probably more riveted by the teaser Infinity Ward had put together revealing the impending release on 11.10.09 of Modern Combat 2. It also didn’t take long for the ‘net to provide plenty of analysis on the imagery the trailer hints at with a strong suspicion that one of the locations may be Rio De Janeiro along with new perks. The hint that the gunmen in the trailer don’t want to take a chance in shooting any Russians may also tie back to what had gone down in the first game, making this part of an ongoing storyline.

And here’s the trailer, courtesy of Gametrailers.