April Fools from Japan, to Norrath, and as far as Helghan

Have you been fooled yet? If you haven’t, you might want to take a look at how some of our favorite developers have tried to pull a fast one on their fans.

I make it something of a point to visit Irem’s homepage every year on April 1st just to see what they’ve gotten ready for their fans as an April Fool’s joke. You may know this Japanese company as the developers behind the the classic shmup series, R-Type, and RPGers might know them as the creative minds behind Bumpy Trot, otherwise known as Steambot Chronicles in the States.

In previous years, they’ve done a lot of creative stuff for April Fools whether it is to get everyone hyped for the “ultimate” next-gen console, Exidna, or offering you the chance to purchase a “real-life” R9 space fighter. This year, their homepage was taken over by Black Irem Dan as you can see here:


They’ve already taken the joke down, but it was fun while it was around even though a translator was needed to get the gist of what was going on.

Blizzard has also gotten into the fun introducing the newest character class for Diablo III…the Archivist! Just check out the dialogue wheel that they can use in the game:


And Guerilla Games have revealed the latest secret character for Killzone 2’s multiplayer mode along with instructions on how to unlock him. Now everyone can play as the despot, Scolar Visari, and bring Helghan wrath down on whoever dares invade his homeworld. The Konami Code has nothing on this.