Shadow of the Colossus to Become Movie


Yes, Shadow of the Colossus is to be given the Hollywood treatment. The team ICO game that took the critical world by storm back in 2005, wowing gamers with it’s minimalist landscapes, subtle plot and enormous antagonists, is being adapted for the big screen.

Producer, Kevin Misher (The Scorpion King, Public Enemies, The Interpreter) Is in charge of the project, with Young script writer Justin marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-LI) having the unenviable job of creating a script. No director has yet been mentioned.

Although very dramatic and cinematic in nature, the lack of any real script and the absence of all but a few minor characters, make Shadow of the Colossus a horrible pick for a big Hollywood movie. The game was sparse, beautiful, and at times very touching. Players spent large portions of the game simply riding through bleak, Bronte-esque landscapes, surrounded by nothing but a few birds. The ending was ambiguous, both morally and visually and the whole atmosphere created by team ICO set it apart from other titles. Hollywood has a history of being blatantly incapable of making movies that even come close to the level of artistry present in this game.

There has never been a successful ‘game to movie’ adaptation. From the dreadful Super mario Bros. to the more recent, soulless Tomb Raider films, the transformation from games to big screen movies has on the whole been disastrous. ‘Uve Boll’ anyone? I can already sense the furor.

“This Summer Will Smith is Wander, a man on a quest to save the woman he loves, by facing the greatest enemy his world has ever known…”

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