NAB: JVC’s Powerful HM700 HD

26939-HM 700-thumb-480x317-thumb-480x317.jpg

JVC’s other toy was the GY-HM700 at just 8 pounds, the camera is a videographers dream. 3 CCD HD system with a Cannon 14:1 lens which is included. The HM700 has three 1/3 inch progressive CCD’s, records to dual SDHC memory cards and also to on an optional SxS adapter. A huge 4.3 LCD panel with alternative eye viewfinder, 14X Canon HD lens, 35Mpbs encoding for MPEG2 or MOV. The camera is equipped with 2 XLR inputs which you can record at 16/48 bit. Straight to edit video, video clips can be opened in Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe and Canopus.