NAB: JVC’s Powerful HM700 HD

26939-HM 700-thumb-480x317-thumb-480x317.jpg

JVC’s other toy was the GY-HM700 at just 8 pounds, the camera is a videographers dream. 3 CCD HD system with a Cannon 14:1 lens which is included. The HM700 has three 1/3 inch progressive CCD’s, records to dual SDHC memory cards and also to on an optional SxS adapter. A huge 4.3 LCD panel with alternative eye viewfinder, 14X Canon HD lens, 35Mpbs encoding for MPEG2 or MOV. The camera is equipped with 2 XLR inputs which you can record at 16/48 bit. Straight to edit video, video clips can be opened in Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe and Canopus.

Fallout 3’s Broken Steel Spread

Aside from the news that Obsidian and Bethesda have teamed up to create a new Fallout adventure, New Vegas, screenshots that drop off a few hints as to what fans can expect from the latest DLC for Fallout 3, Broken Steel, have also made it into the wild.

Along with the pics, more info concerning what players will have to look forward to have also been leaked:

  • Level cap moved from 20 to 30 with new perks added in
  • New weapons, including something called a “tri-laser” and the ominous Tesla Cannon
  • Battle across the DC Wasteland against the forces of the Enclave
  • New monsters including the Ghoul Reapers and a new Super Mutant

It sounds like there will be plenty to keep players busy over the four to five hours of estimated playthrough for the DLC and with new toys, quests, and perks, it could be a lot of fun.

The Pitt might have given me pause, but Broken Steel sounds like it could sweep the problems I had with it far behind me.


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NAB: JVC’s Compact HM100U HD

Speed, portability and in a compact design the HM100U is a great camera for the backpack journalist or an average family that loves shooting soccer games.

26938-JVC 100-thumb-480x317-thumb-480x317.jpg

The HM100U has three inch progressive CCD’s, twin memory card slot’s for the widely available SDHC memory cards. A widescreen 2.8 display with alternative eye viewfinder, 10X Fujinon HD lens, 35Mpbs encoding for MPEG2 or MOV. The camera is equipped with 2 XLR inputs which you can record at 16/48 bit. Straight to edit video, video clips can be opened in Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe and Canopus.

Tweet! I’m running for governor

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome, perhaps best known for his support of same-sex marriage – whether you like it or not – has announced that he’s running for governor.

And his Web site reports that he used Twitter to make his big announcement.

“Today, I am announcing, via Tweet, my candidacy for governor because California needs a new direction,” is the word on Newsome’s home page. This reporter now wants to know if Earl Warren, Pat Brown or Ronald Reagan ever used the word “tweet” to announce their gubernatorial campaigns.

Another question: Will any San Bernardino County or California politicians ever get busted for accidentally Tweeting bad behavior? Who will be the first politico to brought down by a “smoking gun memo” in the form of a Tweet?

The Tweet announcement isn’t that surprising, seeing as other gubernatorial candidates have followed the leads of 2008’s presidential candidates and embraced social networking technology.

Democrats Newsome, Jerry Brown and John Garamendi all have Facebook presences, as do Republicans Tom Campbell, Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman.

Garamendi and Brown also submitted entries in the “25 things” fad that spread through Facebook a few months ago. The candidates and others who participated listed 25 random notes about their lives.

Here is an excerpt from Brown’s list:

6. My official portrait as Governor was quite controversial and the legislature refused to hang it. My Father said if I didn’t get a new one, I could never run again. It is now hanging and I am still running.

And one from Garamendi’s:

3. Patti and I lived without running water and electricity in a mud hut for two years while serving in Peace Corps in Ethiopia.

Review: Chronicles of Riddick – Assault on Dark Athena


Vin Diesel has a place in my gaming heart. Not because I was that enthralled with his fictional street racing exploits or hijinks as a souped-up super agent — but because he was part of the first movie-related game I played that wasn’t a flaming ball of rehashed “play the movie” garbage.

A few years ago, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay for the original Xbox seemed to get a better reception than the film to which it was tied.
With the full backing of its bankable star and executive producer, “Butcher Bay” rode its formula of movie-free story, visual personality and melee combat to critical acclaim.

Now comes the follow-up for the 360 and PS3, Assault on Dark Athena, which comes out with no movie behind it, but the same support system of star and developer. It’s also got the same formula, which works beautifully for the most part, but doesn’t have quite the same impact as its predecessor.

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Final Fantasy XIII Demo is Out in Japan…

…and it looks incredibly amazing. I can’t help but think, though, that before Phantasy Star decided to go the route that it did and went another way instead, the heavily industrialized and sci-fi tinted world of FFXIII might have been the result.

The demo was given out with the blu-ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete in Japan on the 16th (their time) and it didn’t take long for this to hit the ‘net afterwards thanks to an enterprising fan. However, it’s not the final build of the game that we’ll be seeing, but one based off of an older version instead.

At least, that’s what Square Enix has said according to info gleaned from Final Fantasy fansite, Final Fantasy Union, who go on to basically say that the demo…as incomplete as it has been made out to be…was simply added to the blu-ray release in order to boost sales.

Still, the footage is amazing stuff for any Final Fantasy fan hungry to see anything on the game. Marketing ploy or not, one could say that it has served its purpose by getting plenty of Final Fantasy fanatics debating every detail revealed within it from the sci-fi look of the series to the already-dubbed “Chocofro” of one of the characters.

So be sure to pull up a chair and get ready for nearly fifty or so minutes of footage broken up across five videos, the first of which is below and the rest are linked after the jump. And there’s one more tantalizing piece of info: at the end, a release date of Winter 2009 is revealed, although that is likely to pertain to the Japanese PS3 release date.

It’s still good stuff but be warned: subtitles not included.

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If games were touched by God …


They’d look something like what the people at the Live Granades blog had in a post titled “If Christians Made Videogames like We Make Shirts.” You must see this and feel the power yourself. Be sure to leave your arrow on the picture to see the sweet captions.

Personally, I’m all about “God of Love.” If Jesus is rocking the pitchfork in the game, I am SO upgrading the crap out of it. Eat it, Blades of Chaos.

Check out the blog entry and pics right here.