Dead Rising 2 Trailer

Zombies are more popular than bacon right now and Capcom, the masters of undead gaming have taken this opportunity to release the trailer for the sequel to their incredibly popular new franchise.

The original had gamers trapped in a huge mall with a bevvy of the re-animated, with only a camera, their wits and whatever weapons they could salvage from the surrounding stores to protect them. It was bloody, tongue-in-cheek and spectacularly good fun.

From what we can ascertain from the trailer, the new game sticks to the original in terms of game play and mechanics but really expands on it. The game is set in a Vegas like environment, complete with casinos, neon lights and yes, a whole lot of zombies.

The best part of the original was definitely the huge variety of ways the player had available for dispatching zombies. From trash cans to chainsaws and katana, Dead Rising made the massacre of the undead more than merely a necessity. It promoted it to an art form.

Fans will be happy that the new game looks to be giving gamers even more weapons, moves and costumes. Double ended, Darth Maul style chainsaw weapons, roulette wheels, wearable moose heads with zombie killing horns and best of all, dirt bike mounted duel chainsaws. Let’s just hope the folks over at Capcom decided to get rid of that stupid save system.

The game will be out this year for PS3, 360 and PC. The trailer is available for download on Xbox Live.