Duke Nukem Forever Strategy Guide Offered for Free

…well, not quite the strategy guide, but how about the actual design documents covering the game from beginning to end?

Courtesy of Duke fansite, Duke4.Net, who seem to have their teeth in the jugular of what has been going on with 3D Realms, they report that the lead designer for Duke Nukem Forever, Rick Huenink, has leaked design docs, previously unreleased screenshots, and even a world chart showing how everything in the game was going to be linked together. You can catch all of the links leading to the goodies here along with the original article.

I downloaded the batch of screens and…well, I’d definitely play it. In addition to the pic at the top the article, a few more choice shots follow below after the jump.

UPDATE: The original link to the article is dead per Duke4.net who have pulled the story due to a response that they were given by an ex-3DR employee who has told them that they “were not obtained with the [employees’] or the companies’ permission and are slanderous to [employees] and the company.”. As a result, we’re doing the same thing as a professional courtesy to the original article, although putting the genie back in the bottle elsewhere is proving to be a little more difficult thanks to more than a few hardcore fans. Apologies to everyone.

  • Mike H

    Such a shame. It was looking like they were finally going to finish the game.